Monday, September 7, 2015

Night One Done

So if you read last nights post, mum is trying to reset her sleeping clock and get some better sleep habits.  So last night was Night one - mum was intending to hit the bed by 11pm, and managed to slip between the sheets at 10:59 - so with just one minute to spare.  She read her book for a half hour and was off to sleep at a reasonable 11:30pm.  So success!!

Tomorrow she has to be up at an early 5am as she has the earliest start at work - so she has plans for tonight.  Dinner was a tasty Thai green curry made with chicken and rice for her and a feast for me.  Mum is eyeing up some kiwifruit for her supper.

Hope your week has started well!!!


  1. Good for your mum! I can't imagine staying up that late.. Lol. Maybe when I am no longer a cat servant my body clock will eventually reset itself. :-)

  2. Poppy, dear, I'm wishing your mum success in this very important change in her routine! For me, the greatest challenge lay in keeping to the schedule on my days off.

  3. Well done Mum....10:59....HeHe! Cutting it a bit fine...! :).

    Lovely sunny day over here poppy!x just been out and met
    friend for coffee..Gossip! Gossip!
    Just gone 12 now....Lunch time....Got chicken left over from
    yesterday, bit of stir fire, out on the patio...! Lovely!x

  4. Good for the mum bean! Our mom bean says it is hard to get into new routines...just ask her how often she exercises.

    Have a great week!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  5. Well done! We hope your mum is not hard on herself if she still has some late bedtimes. These things take time. Such an early wake up time will mean your mum will be very tired tonight. From Jessica

  6. Hope your mum sticks to her plan. Mum gets up at the same time to go day hunt. No shifting start times.

  7. Well done to your mum getting to bed with a minute to spare.

  8. Day one - success! So far, so good.