Saturday, September 19, 2015

Cold Caturday

After a week of spring and a few nights where the quilts on the bed were tossed aside, we got a touch of the cold weather today with chilly wind and rain.  Mum ventured out to lunch with a friend that was visiting from out of town, a quick walk round and then she came home, pulled the curtains and turned the heaters on.

I have filled my tummy and retreated to the bedroom and us girls might have ourselves a lovely early night, catch up on all that sleep that mum has been moaning about all week.

Mum is watching the Bourne Legacy on the tele that she recorded some time ago.  A bit of a snooze fest, and boy Alaska looks awfully chilly.  She wouldn't want to fight a wolf either.

Enjoy your Caturday - do something fun!


  1. Fun! Fun! Fun! Poppy!x
    Burfday weekend...I've got 10 for dinner...tomorrow..
    ooooO! looking forward to that..Lot's of nice food, and
    a little..little??? Lots of vino..HeHe!
    Just starting to get things ready...! And the suns out..!

    The rugby has started over here..The World Cup...England,
    won the first game last night, only just. Kiwi's play on Thurs
    evening, won't miss that match, there brilliant to watch, and
    so entertaining...! Well, they are world champions!

  2. Sounds good, Poppy. It's not good to miss out on sleep, and excellent to get caught up. Enjoy your night in with Mum! :)