Sunday, September 27, 2015

Work is Over Rover

Mum worked real hard over the weekend, but it is over rover (although as she types this she can hear the hospital helicopter flying over the house as she types this), and now somebody else has the work cell phone.  Mum spent about ten hours at work today and thirteen yesterday, then we switched to daylight savings overnight, so she lost an hours sleep which was tough.

So Monday is Mumsday!!!  She doesn't have to wake up to the alarm clock and can do as she pleases.  We hope that there are sunbeams, as there were finally some today after weeks of grey clouds.  She is going to put some nice clothes on, find something tasty to eat and find something fun to do!!

Me - well I am going to hunt out a sunbeam and catch up on my beauty sleeps.


  1. Ah! poor Mum Poppy!x
    Still...never mind, that's all over now, and you can both put
    your feet/paws up...And relax! Bless!x
    Have fun now! :).

  2. We're glad the work is over for the weekend and that your mum can have a break on Monday. Take care!

  3. So glad you found the sunbeam!!

    Debby in Prescott Valley, Arizona

  4. Yay for work being done and having a mum day and mum having the day off.

  5. With all your mum's hard work does this mean extra treats and food for you? We hope you and your mum have nice relaxing Monday. Well earned! From Jessica