Thursday, September 3, 2015

Blooming Good

Spring is beginning to be sprung, which is good.  A bit more light in the morning and the evenings and mum is able to get up and it not be chilly as she heads to the shower which makes her happy. Asparagus and strawberries are about to show themselves at the market - yumm.  Mum was motivated to make herself a tasty dinner of pork chops with potatoes with mustard and carrots and broccoli. Then a big pile of green grapes - all that fibre goodness.  Me I was happy with my feast.  

We had a quiet night.  Mums germs have gradually disappeared, not resulting in much more than a four day head cold, but exhausting never the less.  It has been a busy week for her at work,  so she is glad that it is Friday eve as she has a weekend off - yippee for her.  Getting home and taking her shoes off and putting her feet up is bliss, as mum spends most of the working day standing up and on her feet.  We know it is meant to be healthy but it does get hard as mum gets older. 


  1. When l came back to this country first Poppy!x
    I had a pussy~cat called Darlinga....Besides her
    own feast, she used to enjoy two of mine....So!
    when l had Chinese...or Pasts...She used to sit,
    on the settee, next to me and stare at my food
    and then stare at me...Funniest thing was the pasta.
    I used to put a strand of spaghetti on the side of the
    plate, and, she to get hold of it, pull it, and attempt
    to eat it....HeHe! IT~WENT~EVERYWHERE! :).
    She was pure white, so, the sauce went all over her
    face, ears, mouth...everywhere...! Bless!
    She loved her spaghetti though! :>).

  2. I find colds a bother because they are not bad enough an illness to keep you from doing most things, but are bad enough to make whatever you are doing a chore. I hope your mum's germs disappear completely today.

  3. I hope you have a good Spring and summer Poppy. It has turned quite cold here and the leaves on the oak tree in the garden have started to fall already.

  4. poppy Q...glad mum iz feelin a bit better, with de arrival oh spring her spirits will lift & that'll help....two bad her dinna share any pork chop with ewe tho....ya reel lee shuld try it sum time !! ♥♥♥

  5. Nice to see new flowers for your spring. Mum went and bought lots of good veggies and fruits at the market tonight. Said she will try cooking something different this weekend.

  6. Glad you are feeling better, and oh yeah baby, Spring is so close you can smell it!!! Love your flower photos.