Saturday, September 12, 2015

Caturday Catch Up

So yesterday/overnight went like this for mum:

  • Work 2.30pm-10.30pm then mum went for a quick visit to the supermarket on the way home.
  • Off to bed at 1pm after a little read.
  • Work phone goes off  at 1.45 am so mum heads in, and is back in bed at 4am.
  • Phone goes again at 4.30am.  Mum is surprised that leaving work at 7am that it is bright and sunny outside.
  • Mum pops into the supermarket again on the way home.
Mum then snuggled up with me at 8am for a couple of hours, then got up and showered and dressed at midday.  Although sunny, there was a cool underbite to the day, and although mum considered going for a walk, she decided to stay home and keep me company.  She did some washing and read her book, before bed called again, and us girls snuggled up for an afternoon nap.  Dinner was simple for me - I just had a feast, and she had some vege soup and a bagel.  

Mum is back on call tonight, so she off to fix her hair up to look presentable.  She doesn't put any makeup on to go into work, she will pop into bed with a tshirt and underwear on, and when she gets called in she just has to pop her jeans, a cardigan and shoes on, grab her keys and jacket and she is off.

I have enjoyed the snuggling together today, but am a bit tired myself.

Hope you have had  a good Caturday and done something fun.


  1. Ah! Poor Mum Poppy!x
    All that to'ing and fro'ing...All that work! Bless!

    Just think all you have to do to look
    have a little stretch...and ALL your fur falls into place! :).
    What could be easier! Bless!

  2. Poppy, dear, it's a very good thing your mum is super organized -- and you are low maintenance.

  3. Those kind of call nights are absolute hell. Screws up your day and when you finally get back on an even keel it's time for call to start again!

  4. We don't know how your mum handles those hours. I'd be brain dead!

  5. Your poor mum must feel shattered with so little sleep.

  6. Your poor mum. No rest for her. I hope once these days of on-call are over she gets lots of rest and relaxing time with you. From Jessica

  7. Wow, your human has had quite a schedule! I hope she is able to get some rest after all this.