Friday, September 25, 2015

Raspberry Friday

Teh he he!!  Mum laughed when she got this photo!!! What you up to lads and ladies?  The Mumster is having a middle aged lady night at home.  That means the washing machine is spinning and she is sitting on the couch with an her casual clothes on and an apron over the top.  There were prawns and veg stir fried with some noodles and maybe a bit too many chilli flakes tonight.  Me - I feasted a la feast for my dinner and got some new temptation treats.

The mumster has to work this weekend - so we apologize if we miss Caturday - a girls got to earn some pennies to pay for feasting.  Oh and she realized that she was a little tired today.  When she was half way to work she realized that she had eye liner on but no mascara.  She didn't look too bad though when she checked the mirro, she just went with it.

Hope you are all heading towards a lovely weekend.  Plan something fun - treat yourselves!


  1. HeHe! Not so tongue in cheek to~day Poppy!x
    You look lovely! :).

    We've got a lovely wise...Sunshine,
    and more sunshine! I've just this minute cut the grass.
    Do the bit out the front later...Well, must'nt over do it!
    Need my tea and sticky bun first!

  2. Great raspberry, Poppy! Our biped would have laughed too. :-)

    We know YOU'LL have a great kitty weekend; we hope your mum gets a bit of down time in there somewhere.

  3. Giving the raspberry to the week that was, Poppy? Tomorrow is my fun day - middle-aged bachelor Saturday night: me, a bowl of popcorn, a Coke, a movie and whichever cats decide to keep me company.

  4. Happy Friday and Happy weekend!!!!!

  5. The prawns sounds most yummy. Our middle age Mommy loves evenings at home. (so does our middle age Daddy. MOL!)
    Happy weekend, Poppy.

  6. I'm working this weekend too, Poppy - I'm doing a cat show!

  7. poppy Q....noe matter yur mums age; az long az her N joys what her iz doin, itz all good....hope her can get in sum mor chillaxin time bee fore de week oh end iz over.....hope her rememburz that her for getted two all sew give ewe sum biscuits { hint hint } !!!

    heerz two a grass carp kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  8. Middle age mum's evening: arranging toys around the house in "Neko Atsume".( the cat collecting game) So much fun! This whilst having tea sitting in bed with us kitties.

  9. I had to laugh--I'd occasionally realilze about the time I arrived at work that I hadn't brushed my hair!