Monday, September 21, 2015

Late Wait

It was a close to midnight dinner tonight.  The mumster was on an afternoon shift which was nice as the weather was terrible today.  Howling wind and rain all day and chilly.  All the better to stay in her dressing gown for the morning and watch the rerun of the All Black Vs Argentina at the Rugby World Cup.  Dishes and washing was done, but generally it was a take it easy morning.

Work wasn't too bad, mum got a few groceries on the way home and now is ready to catch up on a couple of shows before sleep.

Sweet Dreams everybuddy.


  1. That IS a late wait, Poppy! We hope today your supper is served in a more timely fashion. :-)

  2. Had nice sweet dreams last night Poppy!x
    All my guest left at seven o'clock...After a
    lovely meal...cooked by me of course...loads
    of food...and wine..Hic! Lot's of fun was had
    by all....! :).

  3. I hope the wind and rain wasn't too bad on your mum when she did go out. It sounds like a good day to stay indoors.

  4. Poppy, dear, that is definitely a "I'll stay inside today" expression!

  5. Midnight dinner sound special. Me hope you & mom have a wonderful dream

  6. poppy q...midnight dinnerz like furst thing brek fest sew yur mum owes ewe a meel ...ore at leest sum biscuits !!! ♥♥♥

  7. You don't look very pleased that your dinner was late Poppy.

  8. Sorry you had to wait so long for dinner, Poppy. We hope you and Mum got some good sleeps! Hugs!