Thursday, September 10, 2015


Mum had a steady day at work today, and was happy to leave just as the rain started.  She got home, shed her uniform and put her casual uniform on - jeans, ankle boots, long tshirt, wool cardi and scarf and then off to the hairdresser.  Luckily her salon is close, so she gets to have a wee break at home before her long appointment.  Mum told the hairdresser that she was not to use the scissors this time - just to hide the greys (say what?).  She listened much better than the last time mum went to her - lets just say that the stubble is still growing out.

After the colour was applied and then washed out, the apprentice was allowed to dry mums hair.  She was very serious and did a good job.  So good that mum looked very much like Lars - the 70s male model who takes his tanning seriously.  Mums hairdresser than came and gave mum some waves that would not have looked out of place on wonder woman.  Thank goodness mum only had a date with the couch after that, and can wash it out in the morning as it poured all the way home, and mum looks like a bit of a waif.

Sleep training is going well - mum is feeling a tad more rested, although she faces 3 nights of on call this weekend,  so having some sleep banked already may help her out.


  1. Holy crap, what a picture from the 1970s! Does anything date as badly as that decade's fashions?

  2. poppy Q....we iz crackin up at yur mums dee scriptshunz oh her hairz !!!! ☺☺☺ hope her can get sum rest....sorree her haz ta bee on call....may bee if her takes de fone off de hook....her will bee on NOE CALL & ewe & her can get sum chillaxin time in !!! ♥♥♥

  3. It's nice that your mom bean was able to get her hair done the way she wanted, but too bad the rain rained on her.

    Mom bean says the Lars guy's hair looks like helmet hair! But she remembers at least one guy in high school who looked an awful lot like that ('cept the tan)

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku