Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Night Snuggles

Mum took her niece miss Belle out into town for the evening.  Mum took her to a Mexican restaurant in town.  Boy it was noisy, and the food was a disappointment.  The cheesy chilli dip mum had dreamed of for months was a bit bland and not spicy at all and the chips weren't salty enough and seemed a bit stale.  Mum ordered the chicken enchiladas which she forgot came smothered in a mole sauce that mum doesn't like, preferring them in a tomato sauce and cheese.  The whole place was super smoky from all the food, and so they were glad to finish up and leave.    Mum won't be back in a hurry.

Mum and miss Belle did get down the street before they realised the restaurant had forgotten to charge them for the drinks they had.  It was only ten minutes after dinner that mum had to urgently visit a bathroom as the food upset her, and had felt a little bit sick for a while.

Not sick enough to not share some candy floss with Miss Belle.  The lady on the candy floss machine told them that she had a gastric bypass and her surgeon hated her new job!!  Mum and Belle then went around the light show installation around the capital city harbour which was pretty and have now come home to watch Good Will Hunting.

Me - I have been snuggled up all night on mums bed catching up on my sleeps.  Happy sleeps to you all.


  1. Ah! Bless you Poppy!x
    Hope Mum had a good old moan at the restaurant, if not she should go back and complain...!
    These people should be told, otherwise they get away with all the time!
    I would'nt go back either, but, l'd certainly tell them, l not coming back!
    Sweet dreams...!x

  2. It sounds like there is nothing good about that restaurant. If it doesn't have repeat custom, then it will probably be out of business soon. Your mum can consider the lack of a charge for drinks - a sign of inattention (at best) on the part of the staff - to be a bit of compensation. The meals your mum makes at home sound much more appetizing and healthy.

  3. Poppy, it sounds like you had more productive evening than your human did!

  4. poppy Q...mum wood knot haz had a belly ache if it wuz knot for de burd....troo lee....enjoy yur fryday Nite N hope mum haz de week end off frum werk !!

    heerz ta a happee week oh end…may de bass bee bountee full in yur bowl ♥

  5. Poor mum. I hope she feels better now. Xx

  6. Sounds like you had a better night dan your momma.

  7. Snuggling at home sounds better than that food at the restaurant! You're one smart cat Miss Poppy.

  8. Poppy, dear, you're right: some evenings it's better to simply wrap a paw over one's nose and doze!

    I agree with John Bellen that there seems to have been a very serious staffing problem at that establishment!