Monday, August 11, 2014

Sleepy Spot

Mum has been airing the bed over the weekend - such a cosy spot to rest and close my eyes.

We were reading our friend Kims post where she mentioned us.  We had talked a few days ago about running out of toilet paper.  They stocked up cos we stocked up, and mum checked before she went to work this afternoon and there were only three left.  So she did a quick visit to the supermarket after work to buy some more.  She wishes we had more storage and she would buy in bulk and be happy if she could have a hundred rolls at home - just in case there is a toilet emergency.  Anyways she will make do with her 12 rolls.



  1. Thank you, Poppy, dear, for reminding me to add TP to my shopping list.

    Please tell your mum about my friend who stores TP stacked on a mop handle. Another friend stores his TP and PT (towels) on towel rods placed high on bathroom walls. Both men are boaters -- a sailor thing?

  2. HeHe! 12 toilet rolls..12..12...
    Goodness me Poppy!x What does Mum do with all those toilet rolls...!
    HeHe! Lots of jokes about toilet rolls to...But, you and Mum are both ladies..So! We'll leave it at that....!x.
    Don't want you getting ALL flushed!!!
    As the song says...'Keep On Roll'in'.

  3. LOL! Do you get the double rolls too? :-)

    Our human is obsessed with stock piling stuff like that. Other than stock piling cat food, we could care less!

    Have a good week, both of you.

  4. I know what you mean about storage space. I own a house but its basement is finished, so it's my library. Consequently, I have just the furnace room for storage, and it's not big. And filled mostly with cat-food and cat-litter.

  5. Our mum went to Costco this week and bought a huge and heavy package of 30 double rolls. It's still in the car! We have to be prepared for all sorts of weather here in Chicago, especially in the winter with the snow. ;)

  6. Poppy, you are beauuuuuutiful!
    Have a nice week!

  7. We know what your mum means about smaller places lacking any storage room. In our condo, the 2nd bathroom ends up with all the extra TP & cat litter. It is terrible to use the tub as a closet, but that is the only place left for bulky items. When company spends the night it all has to go on the washing machine & hidden behind drapes. Could the rolls goes in an under the bed storage box?
    I also have covered TP holders in each bath that hold 3 rolls, so there is no excuse for not replacing an empty roll & stranding anyone.

  8. poppy Q...yur mum better be for gettin de toy let paper N stockin up on feast......think oh it, if her haz 12 rolls oh de same amount oh storage space ewe could store 185 cans; give ore take a few :) !!!! ♥


  9. Mum's formula:
    Gastroenteritis x 5 days + 1 day just in case x 3 rolls per day= 18 rolls always on hand, stowed away safely.
    And then whatever we need for our daily usage. Mum's friend always laughs and says she should lay in some Pedialyte solution too while she's at it. Worry.

  10. Maybe she should stock up on cat litter too, in case of torrential rains! I mean, you never know.

  11. My humans always try to keep a spare kitty litter - wif three of us, it goes pretty quick!