Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Shopping with Poppy Q

The mumster had to go to work today, so I pulled out the laptop and went browsing for some Christmas shopping goodies.  You know, ordering things off the internets may take a little while to get to your country, so you have to start early.   I found this lovely little cat bed from a seller Elevele on ETSY.  She makes them in Lithuania in a choice of 20 colours.   A perfect spot to curl up in and mum even likes them - quite styley for a cat bed.  This one I might actually sleep in (I have a poor record of refusing to sleep in any bed that mum specifically buys for that purpose).

Now apparently Lithuania must be cat central - cos we found these awesome cat scratches on ETSY again from Meow For Cats Shop  I think they are very stylish and I find it difficult to choose which one I like the best.  I love the colours and the stylish prints and think that it would look very snazzy at my pad.

So I'll be saving up some dollars and seeing if I can borrow the mumsters credit card for a sneaky little internet shop.

Thanks to the two fantastic ETSY sellers who said it was ok to show the pictures of their great stuff on here - so I can share them with all my friends.  Happy Sunday shopping to you all!


  1. All the pussy~cats l've had Poppy!x
    Have turned their noses up at cat~beds...I've still got one in my bedroom, a nice wicker one, they ALL turned their noses up at it...Prefering to always sleep with me on the bed!
    Pussy~cats sleep where ever they want to, and, l don't know many cats that actually sleep in one all night long...!
    Goodness! what a serious comment...! HeHe! :).

  2. Our mom got us a cst bed from Lituania as well. Tanaka is the only one who loves loves loves it.

  3. Those are some lovely kitty beds, Poppy.
    Good luck with the sneaky internet shopping.
    With admiration,
    the kitty brats

  4. Those cat products look very nice. Now all we need here is a Dr Who type place that is larger on the interior so we could find somewhere to put extra things.

  5. Those look great, Poppy. Be sure and let us know which one you decide on.

  6. Oh we reely likes dem beds and scratchy things. Have fun pickin' da right one! Schmaybe we will need to sneek owr humans card too and go shoppin'.

  7. Poppy, you are a great guide to Etsy. I just love the purple kitty bed. Meow, Jessie

  8. These are awesome, Poppy! Thank you to you and the Mumster for sharing them with us!

  9. Lovin' the new bed, just want to see you in it!!