Saturday, August 2, 2014

Cruisy Caturday

Today was a cruisy Caturday, living was easy.  Mum woke up earliesh and had a shower and a bit of brunch.  She did have plans to visit a bestie, but they got changed and the weather was sending gales and rain our way, so even though mum thought about a walk and thought about going to the supermarket, taking a nap and reading her book and staying in with me seemed the better plan.

So a few chores were done, and the fridge was raided for leftovers for lunch and dinner.  Luckily there were enough supplies in the house, and a good supply of toilet paper, so mum was happy.  Believer you me, we were down to one roll during the week - mum was not happy.  There could have been a toilet emergency and we don't carry any spare newspapers just in case.  Mum does wonder what people used hundreds of years ago?  Life is pretty easy now isn't it?

So hope you all had a lovely Caturday and had some fun.


  1. To~day has been a bit showery Poppy!x
    But tomorrow is going to be nice and hot, l've my family here, and tomorrow l have my annual Barby..
    About 40~45 invited...So, l'll be busy busy first thing...Lots of fun, feasting and laughter...What better way to spending a weekend...! :>).

  2. Humans and their toilet paper - so fussy! We cats have it much easier, especially kitties like you, Poppy, who have the outdoors to do your business when you feel the need!

  3. Our Mum wonders the same thing!

    Hope the rest of your weekend is an easy one, Poppy.

  4. Your Mum might have had to resort to LEAVES, Poppy!

  5. Toilet rolls! Our mum has a package of four rolls stashed away for emergencies. It is never included in our household inventory. Once mum was not feeling well and debated about going to the market. Luckily, she went early because later in the day was stricken with stomach flu. The mere thought of what might have happened had she not marketed frightened her for life.

  6. Sheesh, around here mum probably has a 6 month supply of toilet paper!

    It can be nice to stay home on a stormy day. Mum always has enuf to make several meals, so can stay in if she wants to.

  7. Running out of loo rolls is my worst nightmare! I would use paper towels before newspaper, and I guess way back they used leaves or, gag, their HANDS!! Stay warm and dry you two!

  8. Our mom bean gets anxious about tp too. Our bean sisfur and brofur always says she keeps enough around to sell if the stores run out. (I know they used to use catalogue pages out in the outdoor toilet on the farm...not happening here).

    Hope the weather improves for you soon. Enjoy your snuggles Poppy and mum!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku