Thursday, July 26, 2007

To Answer Daisys Question

Miss Daisy asked if I was a soft pussycat.

Miss Daisy I am supersoft. My fur is all squishy and cuddly and like all British Shorthair cats it looks a bit crinkly, especially when I lie down. Mum even thinks I smell good and she likes to give me kisses - silly bean.

I am soft like the softest snuggly micro-fleece blanket that you would wrap your babybeans in.

Thanks to all of my clever friends entering the competition. You don't need to guess a date for when the post will be!!! Just leave me your name in the comments section and consider yourselves entered. Monty Q thinks he should be able to enter his baby bean. He also tells me that there are 234 cats living at his house. Boy your mum and dad must be broke from buying you all food Monty Q! Furry kisses to you all.

Poppy Q

Ps we found this great article on CNN about Oscar the cat. Oscar lives in a rest home, in the US, and he goes and visits with the folks there before they die. Oscar makes his rounds and his instincts tell him if the patients life is ending. He curls up beside them for a cuddle, and his behaviour alerts the nurses to let the families know that they should come to say goodbye. Good job Oscar - everyone should have a great cat like you to cuddle with when they die.

This is Oscar.


  1. Meowmie says dat she wud furry much like to stroke and snuggle your furs. She lykes kissing and snuggling mine and Minxy's fur too . . Minxy is kind of plushy and soft and kind of smooth at da same tyme. I'm just soft and smooth and nice to stroke. She says we smell gud too and is always burying her nose in our furs.

    Well, except for Ebbie's furs - Ebbie is probably da softest, but if you try to bury your nose in her furs, you lose your nose.

    Purrs, Muffin

  2. Cripes, Woman, show some restraint! You're going to wear a hole in the monitor trying to snorgle that picture! Calm yourself!


    See? It's all she can do to take care of all 4,239 of us. I think she's gone over the edge...

  3. I just knew it! I could tell by looking at you that you were extra-super-duper soft and plush. I think I have fur envy!


    Sheesh, I'm sorry-she snuck away from me!

  5. Mu Mommy wants to snuggle you! You sound very soft!

  6. You look beautiful, dear. Is that a diamond you're wearing?