Thursday, May 11, 2017


Mum and I are just chilling tonight   she got called in last night so didn't get much sleep.   Then she rushed home in the rain tonight to give me my feast and get some washing done.  She then had to rush to her hairdresser appointment where she got to relax and read 4 magazines.   So she grabbed a burger on the way home, and now she has time to chill out before thinking about bed.

Me - well I am in the bedroom inspecting the layers of quilts on mums bed.


  1. Bet the electric blanket is on. You look well chilled out poppy. Your fur is looking super thick for winter and mum will be looking all glam. after her hair do. Sleep well you two.

  2. You do look nicely chilled out Poppy!x
    And..What a good thing, you don't have
    to go to the hairdresser..You've got
    naturally lovely fur..! :).

  3. I hope your mum gets some sleep tonight. It's tough having to do a good job without much sleep, and your mum has my admiration. You do, too, Poppy, but that goes without saying.

  4. I'm glad your mum can have some time to relax. Keep her nice and warm. No more colds for her.