Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New Neighbour Number 3

Mum was walking home and saw this little tabby kitty.  She has seen this wee cat most mornings on her way to work.  Mum says that there has been a bit of hissing and chasing between me and the neighbor cats, but no fighting that she knows of.   I am a lover not a fighter.

Mum rushed home after work to mow the lawn which was a bit tricky as the grass is long and the ground was still damp from last week's soaking.   More heavy rain is predicted so mum has her raincoat at the ready.


  1. Oh! My! Hissing and chasing...Well, l suppose
    you need to get to know each other Poppy!x
    It'll all settle down, l'm sure! :).

    I'm just off to cut my grass to...after a cup
    of lemon tea and a hot~cross bun! :).
    Nice and sunny and warm over here!

  2. You sure have a lot of neighbors, Poppy!

  3. You are such a lovely girl poppy. That little kitty needs to keep off the road. You are too smart I am sure to go after her there. Tell mum not to worry about the grass. Millie says it is soooo lovely to roll in. Her poor throat is still looking very sore after a cat bite. The vet said it was very deep. She is getting special treats like cooked chicken and sardines as well as her biscuits as she is not feeling like eating and lost weight.

  4. Sweet little kitty! Does she have a home? She's certainly casual about the roadway. Hissing and chasing are really just about setting boundarys . We couldnt imagine you to be anything but a lover!

  5. I hope this little one knows about cars.

  6. Your mum has to mow the grass? Wow, mum never did that as a tenant. Cute kitty.

  7. Your neighbours are quite nice looking Poppy. We're sure happy there is only a little hissing that goes on.

    Hope you and mum stay dry!