Tuesday, April 4, 2017


With all the rain it is best for me to stay inside and rest.  We do live pretty far up a hill in a hilly city, so our place is unlikely to flood.   For mum she just gets a bit soaked going to and from work but this year she bought a new longer raincoat.   On bad days she can walk half way then take a bus which is good too.


  1. Well..at least l see from yesterday that you have
    the telly on Poppy!x
    So, l expect you watch that sometimes! Do you like
    Tom and Jerry...HeHe! :0). I do...!

  2. Hope Debbie is nicer to you than she was to the Aussies
    Stay nice and dry poppy xx

  3. We're glad you're not in danger of flooding, Poppy. Does your mum have rain boots (rubber boots) too? Our human can't do without hers. :-)

  4. Staying in is a good idea, Poppy! Too bad your human can't do the same.

  5. I sometimes worry about flooding as I live in a ground floor apartment now. I am glad that you and your mum have that peace of mind, Poppy. Is flooding a problem in your city?