Friday, April 7, 2017

Footprint Friday

Haha mum laughed when she saw me sitting on the grey quilt.  Why who could have left those little footprints?

The sun did indeed shine today.  Mum did not have the heart to tell the bus driver that she wanted to walk beside the sea and get some more daily steps in.  You see she was the last lady on the bus and as he was returning to the depot, so he offered to drop mum off at the door of the shopping centre she was heading to.  Wasn't that nice? She walked back to get her steps in and will head off for a walk tomorrow too.

Shopping was successful she got a couple of warm winter jumpers to wear as the weather cools down.  She also got a couple of loads of washing done, hovered the floors, wiped the windowsills, did the dishes, got more groceries and did a bit of a tidy.  She fed me my feast and reheated her leftovers for her dinner.   She feels like she is brewing a head cold so time for some fruit on the couch, a few shows and then time for bed.


  1. Ah! So pleased you've got sunshine to~day Poppy!x
    It's going to be hot over here to...hottest day so
    far this year! Easter weekend, next weekend, probably
    rain! :).
    And, Mum had a nice day, by the sound of it, time for
    a well earned rest/sleep! :).

  2. At least we can SEE your footprints, Poppy! We have a print quilt and no matter how much we try, we can't seem to make our footprints show up.

  3. I laughed, too, Poppy. They look like footprints in the sand at the beach.

    I alway dislike turning down an offer of help, such as the bus-driver gave your mum. It's a bit of kindness, and I don't want to discourage that, even though I prefer not to be beholden to anyone.

  4. Those little feetie prints are so adorable.
    Such a kind bus driver. Accepting a act of kindness is a blessing for both parties. He probably felt good about being able to help someone . And your mum felt good about making someone feel good about their kindness.

  5. Those are cute little footprints across the bed. I hope your mum can keep her cold at bay. Can she get "Vick's First Defence"? My mum swears by it. She uses the spray at the first sign of a cold or if she goes somewhere where lots of people are coughing and sneezing and it works every time.

  6. So your mum had a personal driver at least for a short time. Your paw prints look nice on the quilt. A soft trail.

  7. I hope your Mum feels better soon. You are a cutie.

  8. THat is a precious photo of your footprints