Monday, April 17, 2017


Today has gone past in a bit of a blur.  Mum did some of the jobs she had to do round the house and we enjoyed a little sleep in.  The day was cool as autumn often is, so mum packed the sandals away finally and pulled her boots out.  A feast was mine for dinner and leftovers for her which made life easy and we like easy.


  1. It's a bank holiday Monday over here Poppy!x
    Some of the shops will be opening..I'll pop
    out shortly for a hope Costa will
    be open! :).
    Had a busy three days, nothing planned for
    to~day, so feet up later in front the TV.
    So..not much of a blur for me! :0).

  2. My Monday has just started as I read that yours is nearly finished. Mondays over and done with are best.

  3. Monday's are rather odd days for all of us

  4. Mondays are always bizzy days. Mum should be ready to get out her sandles soon.

  5. Our mom bean had a long weekend (Fri-Mon) and she says it has gone by in a blur. We haven't really noticed though we had some great naps. Some of them in the sunny room!

    Have a great week Poppy and mum.