Saturday, April 1, 2017

Calm Caturday

Mum decided after our hectic couple of days to just relax today and stay at home today with me.  This was our beautiful sunset tonight.

She is making baked stuffed potatoes and some roast lamb for her dinner tonight with enough for leftovers  for tomorrow night and the beginning of the week.

We slept in which was lovely and mum pottered around doing her chores.  Me - well I caught up on my napping.

Hope you all had a lovely Caturday and did something fun.


  1. Wow! What lovely photos of the sky Poppy!x
    They'd look lovely on any postcard!

    Nearly 8:30 over here, l'm just off down
    the town, coffee, then a wander round the
    charity shops! Lots of gossiping l expect!
    HeHe! Enjoy your napping...both of you!

  2. We're not even really up yet, darling Poppy! We hope our Caturday turns out as well as yours. Exquisite skies; they're a perfect ending for your lovely day.

  3. Absolutely stunning, amazing sunset sky, the kind that's rare to see (at least for us). Just beautiful!

    We hope you both have a restful, happy weekend!

  4. Truly beautiful photos! Good choice on your mum's part to stay home and relax with you Poppy. How are the antibiotics going? Are you compliant when it comes to taking your medicines?

  5. It is nice to have a day when your mum stays home and chills. Mine does it all the time now.

  6. Whew, what a sky! Skies like that at sunset always remind me of the desert - not because I've been there but because when I was small I looked at a Time/Life book about 'our planet' and it had pictures like that of sunsets over the southwest U.S. deserts. It's funny what memory puts in one's mind.