Saturday, April 8, 2017

New Neighbour Caturday

Mum spied this new neighbour tonight as she brought the washing in.  She hopes his/her people do not think mum is spying on them by taking so many photos through the fence.  We haven't seen this cute kitty in our garden yet so are not sure if they actually live next door or were visiting.

Did you all get some sunshine at your place?  Our morning was cool but the afternoon was warm and sunny.  Mum got up early and managed to get a few things done.  A post office and library visit and then a wander round to get lots of steps done.  There is more rainy weather heading our way this week, so mum tries to make the most of the nice days.

Austin Powers is on the television tonight - it has been a lot of years since mum has seen it and she has just caught bits of it while she makes dinner and potters around.  Cheesy stuff but simple fun.  After watching the news tonight she was in need of a few laughs.

Hope you are all having a lovely Caturday and doing something to make you smile.


  1. Oh! My Poppy!x What a lovely pussy~cat...!
    Hope you got to say hello..though looks as
    though he/she did'nt hang around for long! :).

    Sun's out in 'all' it's glory over here, it's
    gonna be a hot one to~day, tomorrow, but rain
    on Monday! :(. I've got washing out on the line,
    drying nicely!

    Austin Powers...Goodness! That's going back to
    the 1990's..HeHe! They were were silly, but, a
    bit of a laugh! :).

    And, yes, l think l'll give up watching the news,
    all doom and gloom...!
    Oh! comes for her saucer
    of milk..."Hello Flossie...

  2. Poppy, dear, please tell your mama that I balance my news watching with my cat-video watching. Thanks for helping me face the day!

  3. Your neighbor is a real beauty! What an exquisite face! Do you know if if it's a he or a she? How nice it would be if you would have a kitty friend.
    In a world gone mad, we cats provide invaluable relief from the cares of the day .

  4. What a nice looking kitty! And such a formally dressed tuxie.

  5. mmm might have some explaining to do if your neighbour caught you LOL but the truth speaks of the cat photos. It probably will not be long and the cat will be over visiting you girls.

  6. We had a beauty-full spring day. Warm enough for mum to open the windows wide open and let the warm breezes come in the house. Plus mum cooked outside and I got some tastes of roast beast.

  7. That is a pretty kitty! We hope it it is a neighbor, it is friendly to you! We all need some laughs after watching the news!

  8. Holy guacamole! It looks like I have a twin in NZ!!!