Saturday, May 12, 2012


This is mums weekend stash of goodies.  This morning, she juiced up all of last weeks fruit and had a tangelo+apple+feijoa juice with her lunch.  This is todays collection of new fruit, as well as a big pile of vegetables.  Our local growers market has lots of lovely seasonal fruit+ veg at reasonable prices.  Even the NZ grown strawberries were quite reasonable at this time of the year, although we reckon there won't be many more punnets til the end of our year.
In the past few months mum has been eating a lot more fruit + veg because of the market.  Oh and the juicer.  She isn't fed up with it yet, but finds it best to use at the weekend, when she has time to clean it.

  Me - I'm not a big fan, I like the feast best.  Although I was brave and had a couple of pieces of ham - yumm.


  1. Our Mommy is not familiar wif feijoa or punnets. She makes smoothies with lowfat yogurt and fresh frozen fruit and ice. We don't care fur them much.

  2. Yep, that definitely looks like human food. I would like a big bowl of chicken. Can you juice chicken?

  3. I had a juicer for quite a while and especially enjoyed making fresh orange pineapple but it did become bothersome to clean. Off with its head. :)

  4. Cleaning the juicer is NOT one of my fav thing to do.
    I was pleased to see persimmions in the shops this week num num num
    Love Leanne

  5. You have lots of interesting fruits that Mommy would love to try! Our strawberries have just come into season and they are delicious, according to her. We like to play with the green bits on top!