Saturday, April 12, 2014

Queenie Caturday

Dear Queenie,

Up early to breakfast with baby G, tea and toast in front of the heater.  Then wisked to the airport and off to Hamilton.  The misses, dressed in a pretty green dress went to the childrens Hospice where she charmed hundreds of future princesses and boys who turned out for the event.

Then we went off to the new Valodrome where we were given a new bike for the boy.  Move the rolls and a carraige or two, to make room in the garage.

Home by 4.30pm to take care of the boy.  Slippers and sweats on and a night in front of the box is in order.

Send Cash.

Kate and Wills and Baby G

Oh the mumster was walking home tonight and she got to see the motorcade arrive back from the airport with the Duke and Duchess inside.  She wasn't close enough to see them in person, but she knew they were in there.   Mum was quite tired as she went to work at 4am again this morning.  Fingers crossed she stays in her bed tonight to get some rest.  Otherwise we had a great Caturday.  I rested, she went to visit with a friend and have a tasty lunch out and did lots of window shopping, which was good for a rainy afternoon.  Then a nice evening at home together relaxing.  Perfect!!

 Enjoy your Caturday everybuddy.


  1. We don't have much news about this royal visit and so we were very much entertained by your news Poppy. Good Caturday to you and your mom.

  2. Just got home from shopping Poppy!x
    As usual spent to much money!
    Wanted to get home quickly, as your update on the visit, is far more interesting than ours..! :).
    It's a pity Mum did'nt see them...
    She could have invited them round for a cuppa, and view your sand box!
    Get some sort of idea for the corgis. Though l think William etc have a Labrador! Bless!x

  3. Send cash. hahaha. I'm thinkinbg they have no need of actual cash. Tea and toast sounds lovely. Have a relaxing day!

  4. I'm enjoying your postcards - shame the weather wan't as nice for them. saw this and thought you would get a giggle - no doubt you could write a good postcard. SMILE.

  5. Poppy, I think the Duke and duchess will miss seeing the most important creature in NZ. That would be you, of course. Have a restful weekend, meow, Jessica

  6. Your postcards to the Queen are hilarious! There has not been very much coverage here in Canada so it's lovely to see the photos.

    What a sweet baby is George. Enjoy your brush with royalty!

  7. Your royal reporting is perfect! Wish I was staying with you so I could take the odd peep at them too.