Friday, April 18, 2014

Dear Granny

Dear Granny,

Had a jam packed day today.  Me and and the misses visited a local Sydney hospice to visit with sick children and their families.  Heartbreaking and we hope that we gave them a few smiles.

Then it was off to the Easter show.  A hotdog and some candy floss for the good lady and won a few cuddly toys for baby G.    Got to admire a few sheep, we could use some on the grass outside Kensington Palace.

Then off to the beach.  Unable to take a surf as too many paparazzi around, didn't want to see a snap of me in my thong on every news channel tomorrow.

Kiss the corgis and Grandpa P for us.

Wills and Kate and Baby G

P.S our kiwi friends said after a stormy Thursday, they got a nice Friday with some sunshine after a good 10 days of rain.  Enough to get the washing on the line and soak in a little vitamin D.


  1. Wasn't the sunshine and lack of wind and rain just lovely.

  2. Wasn't the sunshine and lack of wind and rain just lovely.

  3. HeHe! We saw Wills and Kate watching sheep being shorn this morn'in Poppy!x. The sheep looked a bit embarrassed, having to show it's rear end to royalty..! :).

    Kiss Grandpa P....? Who'd be brave enough! :>).

  4. hooray for sunshines! I was surprised this morning... by more rain. ugh.

    hope your weekend is just delightful!

  5. Sunshine? There is sad lack of that here, more cools and snow.

    Enjoy your weekend Poppy & mum!

  6. Glad the visitors are having fun.