Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hello March Caturday

Hello March.  It was a cold night here in the capital city.  Luckily I got to pin mum to the bed by planting myself between her knees all night.  She had a busy day at work, and was glad to come home to some relaxing.  A nice home made Pizza was dinner and a bit of chilling on the couch.  She had a few recorded movies to watch, and decided on Fast Times at Ridgemont High, which she hasn't watched in years.

So now the evening is drawing to  a close and mum is determined to get an early night, as she has to work again tomorrow.  She senses it will be a busy one tomorrow, but that's ok the day goes faster that way.

I showed my mum that I was finding my way around the front garden by walking her out on her way to work.  She was pleased to see that I did not wander far away, and found somewhere safe to sit and watch the neighbourhood.  I often like to walk her out, and have done it at the other two places we have lived at.  Mum flatted with a girl years ago, and her kitty would walk with her to the hospital and sit across the road in a garden, and wait for her to finish work and then walk her mum home.  So cute.

So enjoy your Caturday everybuddy.


  1. That's so nice that you are getting into a routine at the new place, Poppy!

  2. So glad you are settling in so nicely, Poppy! I always worry about Gandalf and Grayson while they're outside. I am grateful that my yard here at the Swamp is quite large (2 acres) and that there are no cars or busy streets nearby. Of course, there is plenty of wildlife for me to worry about. *sigh*

    Hope your day isn't TOO busy, Julie. Have a lovely weekend, ladies!

  3. Lovely little story Poppy!x
    Glad your settling in..And, sticking to Mum's side....!
    Sun's out over here, two days on the trot...Whey~Hey!
    I've even put washing out to dry..!

    Have a lovely weekend..x

  4. Glad you guys are settling in. Hope it doesn't get too cool too soon. Lovely picture of you!

  5. We love to pin our Mum down, too. MOL!

    Have a great weekend, Poppy.

  6. brrrr a real nip in the am and pm air isn't it! So please Poppy Q stops at your gate. When I was flatting in Severn St Island Bay many moons ago my cat John used to make me miss my bus as would follow me down & I'd take him back home. Smile

  7. sweet story Poppy dearest! Has you mummy ever seen the movie HATCHI a dogs tale with Richard Geer? A beautiful tale of love between a man and a dog that lasted a lifetime and well beyond...just magical and we highly recommend it to your hearts!
    Happy weekend and stay warm you two!

  8. Poppy sounds like you've got it all worked out at your new place! Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  9. Yep a new month. Glad you are both settling in.