Friday, March 28, 2014

Hip Hip

Hip Hip hooray it's finally Friday!!!  The mumster was on call last night and had a late night and a morning visit to the hospital, so she got to spend most of the day with me.  She had lots of good intentions, and then did next to nothing.  Oh well - it saves money that way.  The day was nice, so the sheets at least got washed and hung out to dry.  (I can watch the back yard from my little garden seat).

We hope you all have lots of fabulous plans for your weekend, and if you have lots of chores, make sure you plan something fun to do as well.  Mum has to get up early on Caturday to go and do some study all morning long, but she is going to make sure she has some fun the rest of the weekend.


  1. The back yard is starting to look nice Poppy!x
    Wow! All that sand, hope you've got a bucket and spade..HeHe!
    And, yes, l love Friday to!
    Tomorrow is Caturday..Out, and about shopping..Love that. Spending money! Buying things...I don't need...!
    Great Fun..! :>).

  2. I think your human needed some rest - as long as you didn't need anything, Poppy!

  3. Some fun is necessary EVERY day for me, if at all possible.

    It is always possible. ;)

    Have a lovely day, ladies.

  4. You have a good spot, Poppy. What's been planted in the raised beds? Some nip, we hope! :-)

  5. Nice place for a cat nap Poppy! Hope you and mum have a wonderful weekend.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  6. hope ewe N mum get ta spend MOR time two gether poppy Q...just dont let her forget de feast...her mite come home frum her study kinda tired ~~~

    hope ewe enjoyz de week oh end N heerz ta platez oh perch ♥

  7. There is nothing nicer than line dried sheets! Today we are off to the florist to organise the wedding flowers. Have a great weekend poppy xx

  8. Fit a bit of fun into every day, Poppy!
    Even if it's only the tiniest bit.
    We Know Caturday is a fun day for you.