Friday, June 28, 2013


What you mean you getting home at ateoclockish?  I not getting my feast till then either?  The heaters is not going up till then either?  I putting in a protest.  Oh wait - I need a sleep first.

The mumster went out with her friends.  They went to a bar and had huge burgers and then went to a playhouse to see 'The Witches of Eastwich' which one of their friends was playing in.  It was a good show, very entertaining and then mum and the friends stayed to have a drink with their talented friend.

So home before midnight, a quick feast of the feast, then we are off to snoozeville.


  1. Imagine the human having a life without you, Poppy. What nerve, eh! Glad mom had a fun night out.

  2. After your snooze Poppy....
    Have a strut around and 'airs' your views...(Keep yer tail down though)....Get on the 'catwalk'.
    Then....Then....Then...Have another snooze....! :>).x

  3. Poppy, it is nice of you to not be upset with Mom

  4. Poppy, your human is slacking on the job! Did you give her permission to have the evening off?

  5. But alls well that ended well, Miss Pops. A feast is a feat no matter what time! And mum workds hard so a little time with her besties is due!

    Have a lovely day, ladies!

  6. poppy.....we hope ewe N yur mum haza grate week oh end...enjoy yur time at de mewsical "CATS" with yur friends, tell yur mum knot ta wait up....ewe N yur gurl friends will be home round 5:15 after de show N de catnip bar anda breakfast out at fancee feast cafe :)

  7. Poor poppy, being left all alone in the cold and dark. Hungry and lonely. Naughty mummy having fun without you.
    But I lov ethe witches of east wick so I guess I would for forgive her, but only just this once!

  8. Mum worked late on Friday night, but we always have crunchies to nom on.

  9. LOts of things not so fair for you at all !!!
    I help you protest, my dear Poppy !

    For now, I give you warm cuddle
    (((( Hug ))))