Monday, June 10, 2013

Winter Sleeps

On chilly winter days, sometimes I come and join mum in the living room.  Mum is drying the washing in there too.  Today I packed her off to work, which she said was ok.  She went and got some groceries after work, there was a special on fancy feast tins so bought twenty.  She's going to go back for more later on in the week.

Hope you all had a good Monday too.


  1. Twenty! Twenty! Twenty Tins! :).
    Goodness me Poppy..Are expecting a famine out there....HeHe!
    I'm the same though...Anything on special offer...Yep! Stock up!

    Have a lovely day Poppy..And, don't go falling over any of those tins...ooooops! x

  2. Yay, Poppy, you will be stocked up for weeks!

  3. I buy 72 cans at a time... the Gs need a lot of feasts. A. Lot. They're Feast Beasts. srsly.

    Have a lovely day, ladies!

  4. It is good to take advantage of specials, especially on Feast!

  5. poppy Q...if there bee a spesh ull on fancee feast tell yur mum ta take azmanee az de store haz...her can all ways steel de red car like ewe did....uh, her can all ways borrow de red car like ewe did !!

  6. Best to stock up when there is a sale. It will never go to waste. You'll see to that, won't you, love?
    Stay warm and cozy.

  7. We had an OK Monday, weather is getting better and warmer. Finally.

  8. Twenty cans of Fancy Feast, OMC! You is one lucky kitty Poppy. Enjoy the warm and the feast too, MOL!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  9. oh if only your aussie cousin Chuck would learn to just let the clothes dry on the airer in peace like you do Poppy. Not climb the airer and wreck my clothes, thinking i'm still a kitten and agile, until i get on it and the whole thing collapses?!

    By the way ms Poppy Q - make sure you get mum to go to you tube and search 'sad cat diary' - its very very very funny x