Sunday, June 2, 2013

NZ Cat Show

 Mum and a friend went to the NZ cat show today.  They got there at opening time, and boy was it busy.
 There were lots of beautiful pussy cats there, waiting for their ribbons.
 Lots were good and taking it easy.  Nobuddy was real upset about being there although there was a lot of deep breathing from some cats.
 Lots were curious.......................................................................................
lots like this British Shorthair (like me) were kicking back and relaxing.
 Mum didn't take any photos of the ones that were hiding under their beds or behind their curtains.  Mum thinks about half were hiding.
 There were lots of families and kids looking, which mum says is good - she imagined it would be full of lots of middle aged ladies like here cooing at the pussy cats.
 There were quite a few cuties, but mum knew that I was the only girl for her.
 She liked that they had a domestic tabby section at the show (no pictures of them though sorry).
The judging was kind of interesting.  I think this guy was a bit freaked out!!!
Mum knows I am a winner - she doesn't need a ribbon to prove it.!


  1. Ah! Ah! Ah!
    Lovely...Lovely photos to wake up to!
    They all look great...!x

    And, Poppy, l don't think there's a ribbon big enough for you, for your lovelyness! Your the bestest...!x

  2. My human loves going to cat shows too. Some cats really enjoy the show ring. Those that don't, my human feels a little bad for them.

  3. I've only ever been to one cat show. I really hate seeing them all in cages so I've never been back.

    I started my book yesterday! Read until I was too sleepy to remember what I'd just read. It's tough getting middle-aged-ER! hahaha!

    Have a lovely day, ladies!

  4. I've gone to our February show for three or four consecutive years. My favourite is the house cat judging, not the purebreds. But I, too, feel sorry for the ones that are scared/upset and forced into something they'd rather not do.

  5. Our Mom has never been to one. We think we would like the house cat part, too. Hope you have a great week, Poppy! XOXO

  6. You are a winner in our book. No ribbon necessary!

  7. Our mom has never been to a cat show. She says there is quite enough of a cat show here at home, MOL!

    Your mum is lucky to have you Poppy, you is a furry special kitty.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  8. We enjoy the kitties at the cat shows. Most of them are laid back and used to all of that. We think it is wonderful they now judge (willing) house pets, too.

  9. You're the best kitty of them all!
    Mom goes to the shows to pick me up some new toys.

  10. what a cracker!!!

    Glad there were 'lots of families' and not just crazy cat ladies like myself!

    And the 'tude coming from the fellow british blue? classic. couldn't be fussed. love it.


    Mr Bass is off to stay with my parents tomorrow as i'm back overseas for a week for work.

    Last time he was there he swiped half a fruit cake wrapped in glad wrap off the kitchen bench and hot footed it back to his basket with it in his mouth, busted on his way there.... im hoping these are just his rebellious teenage times...... x