Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thankful Thursday

 We are thankful that it is Thursday.  When mum left work it was raining and cool again, but nowhere as bad as last week when the big storm hit.  Once the heaters are started up our little house warms up.
 Mum has put down a clean bathmat by the heater for me, and I usually snuggle on it, but tonight I am preferring my bubble wrap blankie on the bed for a while.
 Mum is whirring up the washing machine, and getting the clothes cleaned for the week.  She has a day off tomorrow and doesn't want to be doing chores.
Our new friend Karen wrote us a comment about our fire alarms last night.  We usually change ours on August 1st, but this years battery hasn't lasted a full year.  We have got a replacement and changed it already.  Unfortunately our landlords are overseas and not available to replace the batteries, mum has to take care of that.  We wonder what you think about wired in alarms like our friend Eileen has?  We have heard of fires that burn through the wires, turning the alarms off and put people at risk.  Most people in NZ have alarms with batteries and these seem to work just fine.

We are thankful that we have never had a fire - fires scare mum.


  1. Anything that helps keep kitties and humans safe works for me!

  2. Miss Poppy, It's freezing here too !!!
    So my diet completely failed ...tee..heh..heh
    Mom said she doesn't dare to weight me anymore...Ha..Ha..Ha

    Our fire larm works so well. Daddy said " Too well ! " every times, he cooks something in the oven. The neighbours will know...tee..heh

    Have a fantastic day Miss Poppy & Mom. Thanks for visited our blogoversary : )

    ((((( Warm Hugs )))))

  3. I know l said l've got a fire alarm, and when it goes off, l know dinners ready...But, that's quite good, at least l know it's working...!
    I also have a Carbon Monoxide alarm in the front room above the gas fire...That is certainly a must to!

    Save safe and warm Poppy...At least your in the right place...!!!x

  4. You look so warm and snuggly, Poppy. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! XOXO

  5. Here in Ontario everyone must have a working fire alarm on every level of their home/condo/apartment.

    Our upstairs one is wired in, but has, in past years, gone off because of humidity and once even a huge bug. Gross. Our human prefers the battery-operated ones, which she has on the main level and in the basement stairwell.

  6. My smoke dectector is battery powered. I wouldn't trust a hard-wired one in case the power went out. I have been in a house that caught fire... very scary!!

    Have a purrfectly lovely day, ladies!

  7. We have battery alarms too and we change the batteries every daylight saving change (twice a year). This year our batteries also are not lasting! Perhaps we got a dud batch in NZ? :-(

  8. Our apartment smoke detector is electric with battery backup. I believe city code requires that in apartments.

  9. Our detectors are hard wired in and have a battery back up. Fires really frighten me because I have a large cat family some of whom would hide out of fear if anything happened. I would need time to find them.

  10. poppy Q...hope ewe N mum enjoys yur day off; haz sum fun

    we haz wired alarms with a batteree back up case de electricitee goez out for any kinda time

    N we due knot like firez either...less they be on de grill and iz veree veree tiny; just enuff ta cook sum fish ~~~~

  11. The comments made me wonder about my smoke detectors so I had to go check. I have no battery backup in this particular model.

    So I did some research and it seems the detectors should be replaced every 10 years. Since the house was built 25 years ago and I expect these are original...I'll be looking into having it done.

    Thanks Poppy & mum! I wouldn't have thought of it otherwise.

  12. WE have alarms with batteries, too! We change ours when the time changes in the fall.