Friday, July 31, 2009

My Friday Friends

My Friday Friend is our way of introducing our new blogging friends to our older blogging friends. Now these ones have been blogging for a while, but they have some new and special members of their family.

It is our wonderful friends at Team Tabby with Moe and Mindy , or as it should now be known, The Mindy, Moe, Bono, Mike and Cookie Show!!

You may have met the beautiful Mindy before. This gorgeous girl lived a peaceful life with her handsome ginger tabby brother Moe (picture below). They are brother and sister, and started life as feral kitties, until they got their furrever home in 2001.
In sep/oct 2008, their lovely family welcomed the senior gent - the also very handsome Bono. They think he might be about 13 years old, and he lived with a lady who got sick and died. Bono got lucky finding his next furrever home.

The the beans, whose hears must be huge decided to foster Mike and Cookie, who were from the same home as Bono. So they need a new home too. Mike did find a new home, but he got returned cause he didn't fit with the family.

Mike is a character, he likes to keep hollering for food and is known to knock the rubbish bin over to look through the trash.

Cookie, well he is an older gentleman with a few health issues. So he is staying with everybuddy now.

We just wanted to say that we think your family is wonderful, and we admire you opening your home to these three special guys in the past year and giving them a great furrever place to spend their retirement years.
Thanks for visiting with us for this My Friday Friend. Have a great weekend everybuddy, soak up the sunbeams and make your beans do something fun.


  1. Those are some great Friday friends, Poppyy. We'll have to go visit them.

  2. Oh, we already know them. They're Team Tabby. We just didn't recognize them as Moe and Mindy. How forgetful we are!

  3. I like your Friday Friends, Poppy! I don't know Team Tabby, so I'll have to go over there and have a visit. Thanks for the introduction!

  4. We hav not met them before. Ther sound like neat friends!

  5. Thanks so much for honouring us on your Friday Friends Page today, that makes us feel special. Also, we are happy to get the nice award too.

    Now we have to get mombean moving and help bring our blog up-to-date.

    hugs and purrs,
    Moe, Mindy, Bono, Cookie and Mike

  6. What a wonderful family. We feels so good to know that the elderly kitties have a great home.
    We just happen to have and love elderly kitties so we're heading over to their site to say our hello. Love to you Poppy.

  7. It is wonderful that they have opened their home and hearts to those kitties that needed a home.

  8. We already know them.
    They are wonderful
    So cute and lovely =)

  9. What a sweet thing to do! I will be sure to stop by and visit them.

  10. We will have to go introduce ourselves. We are smitten with Mike!

  11. What a lot of kitties in one house! I will go say hello.

    Huffle Mawson

  12. What a wonderful choice they made to welcome the three into their home. It is great to know that they are safe and together.

  13. Those are lovely friends, mum said we will go visit.. Thanks for the introduction..

    Hugs GJ x

  14. Many thanks for introduction new wonderful friends!
    Cool post!

  15. Mindy and Moe will be my in law cats soon when I get married to Mickey....they are cousins! Understand all of that hee hee.
    I came to visit early yesterday but my PC would not cooperate and I couldn't post.
    So I wanted to say that the KIWI cats you asked about do not have a blog. But what I will do is show them yours and maybe they will come by and say WAZZUP Poppy Q!
    I have missed visiting you dear. I have not been doing much of that because I am bust fund raising and sleeping out on our patio where is it beastly hot right now. I know you are having winter time...those duvets your mum bought are pretty. The gray one matched your furs! We have feather duvets too in the winter. I have my own feather vest that I get to sleep in...mommy bought it in a second hand shop and zipped it up and sewed the arms shut and the neck so it is a sleeping bag and oh so toasty warm! Maybe you should ask for one too!
    All my love, Miss Peach

  16. We have met Moe and Mindy before but not visited for ages. We will go and visit the rest of their family

  17. We love Team Tabby!! They are really good furiends!!

  18. Those are some pawesome furrends Poppy! We love your Friday Friends post. We are so happy to hear they have found their furrever homes! You're really a GRRR-8 furrend! Have a happy weekend!

    Sniffs & Scratches~
    The Kool~Kittie~Krew

  19. What a wonderful idea...and an awesome family that was featured!!

    Thanks for sharing Poppy!

  20. I can see why you have a lot of friends. Thank you for introducing us to them. Their Mum and Dad must have big hearts, to not break up those families. And to take care of sick kitties, well, you know, those beans have a special place in my heart. People who care for animals and kids when they have medical issues are always special in my book.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely friends with us.

    Sending you lots of sunshine.

  21. You have the very awesome friends!

  22. Whitey is especially happy to hear about the "older" cats finding shelter, since Whitey is also "older".

  23. We've met Team Tabby! They're really nice kitties! Thanks for featuring them today!

  24. Those furriends of yours look like they're very nice!

  25. They're adorable! Thanks for taking care of them until you find them their forever homes!