Saturday, June 7, 2014

Caturday Sunbeamery

This Caturday morning we were treated to a bit of a sunbeamery which was most welcome.  Mum got some washing done, although the clouds were gathering, she piled up the drying rack inside rather than braving the line outside.  She managed to make it out of the house to go and visit a friend for lunch.  A quick visit to the library, and a pop into some shops - she likes to buy some candles from the market.  Nothing like a nice vanilla candle to scent the house.

Then mum walked home in the fresh air and did a few chores at home before making some nice garlic bread and chicken gumbo soup for her dinner, and a nice fresh feast for me.  We then watched a few programmes, and mum chewed her nails off watching the All Blacks play England at rugby, so nerve wracking!!!  So now we are off to bed early for us on a Caturday.

Hope you all had a lovely Caturday too!!!


  1. Saturday just starting over here Poppy!
    Been out and about shopping...Got a nice little wooden deer in a charity shop for a pound. Put it with the other nine, l already have. As l collect African things...The front room is FULL of it..! Wooden carvings, wooden masks, wooden drums, and lots of little wooden things...! :0).

    And...Of course the World Cup starts this week..Hooray!!! HeHe!

  2. Me got sun puddle too :) it was nice & warm.
    My mom was busy today, she start to pack the luggage even she is going with dad next Sunday. But because her clothes and daddy's clothes are too small for them. So they have to try on. To make sure not to show their belly..MOL
    Have a great weekend !

    Ps : Me is going to jail for 3 weeks. Hopefully, can lose some weight ;)

  3. Hi Poppy! It is sunny and warm. Thank you for sending the sun our way. Mom's got the chores done and I am enjoying a nice nap in the sun.

  4. I am having a good Caturday so far - my human and I have been playing games, and so far, no camera!

  5. Happy to see that you have some sun- puddles to enjoy. Very sunny and warm here, in fact I am resting in a sun puddle as mum writes my note. Meow, Jessica

  6. Glad ya got to enjoy some sun puddles!

  7. Vanilla candles are my FAVOURITE!! And I do like a bit of garlic bread too. Oh and sunbeamery, getting harder to find tho'

  8. We had to hide from our sunbeams; it's already too hot for comfort. Wish we could send some to you.
    Your mum always makes something delicious sounding to eat. Our mum likes to eat but doesn't like to cook.