Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hello June - Welcome Winter

Hello June - Welcome Winter!!!!   We have been blessed with lovely sunny weekend days, most unusual for us.  Not a cloud in the sky, which means as soon as the sun sets around 5.30pm it turns cool and frosty.  So mum went out for a walk today, and enjoyed the sunshine while she could.  She returned in time to take some photos of me rolling around outside, and get the washing in from outside.  Even though the towels had sun on them, they didn't dry completely.  Dinner was made, a one pot wonder for her and a fancy feast was dished up for me.  The family were rung and talked to, pottering round was done and now we head to bed with a book for another night of snoozing.

Best of all - no work tomorrow!!  It is the Queenies birthday so a day off for the mumster - hooray!!


  1. Oh! Yes! I've just looked on my pussy~cat calender on the wall next to me Poppy!x Queens birthday..New Zealand!
    Oh! In that case...Think l'll have a day off to! HeHe! :).

    Well! We have to say..Hello June...Here comes summer. I've just had lunch out in the garden, on the patio, lovely, nice big trout Poppy!x You would have enjoyed it! And, some new potatoes..! mmmmmM!

    Anyway, have a lovely day off tomorrow with Mum...Hope the sun's shining! :>).

  2. We're saying the same as Willie, "Hello June, Hello Summer". The weather here in the South of England has been glorious today. My herd of cats are all outside at the moment soaking up the rays. Well, except for Daisy, she's on the sofa with me watching every move in case it leads to a can of tuna being opened!

    Glad you got some lolling about in, Poppy!

    Linda xxx

  3. You look absolutely squeeeeable, dear Poppy! Our mum would just love to get her hands on your furs! And snorgle that tummy too......

  4. It sounds like a fabulous day, Poppy, and even better that tomorrow is a holiday for you. (Or is that today now?)


  5. Poppy, just wondering... isn't a "one pot wonder" sort of the human version of Fancy Feast (possibly without the fancy part)?

  6. Holidays are always the best! Enjoy your extra day with mum!!

    It is wet and cool here today and it is nearly summer. Hope you get more sunshine.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  7. Yay for a day off and hope your winter isn't as bad as ours was.

  8. Hope it's a warm winter for y'all!

  9. Such a cute picture of you! We hope your winter is milder than the one we had this year, Poppy.