Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hello Caturday!!!

Hello kitties - did you sleep in with your person like me this morning, or did you wake them up super early for no real reason?  It's always good to keep them on their toes!

Our Caturday sleep in was nice.  Mum snoozed after the alarm went off, and then had to grab her dressing gown when the courier man knocked on the door.  Poor fellow, he must see people in all kinds of states.
Mum then did the washing and a few chores, then she walked into town as it was lovely and sunny.  She then caught a bus and went visiting.

Her and a bestie went to a movie.  They saw A Million Ways to Die in the West - it was baaaaaaaaaaaaaad, and not in the so bad it was good way.  It was awful, not funny, crude 14 year old boy toilet and sex humour and just horrible.  In fact mum thinks it is the worst movie she has seen in years, and she's seen a lot.  She would only rate it a 1/5 and is generous in giving it that one, if only because Charlize Theron and Liam Neeson appear.  The saving grace was that it was mums friends choice of movie to see, so at least mum doesn't have to take the blame for this one.

Her bestie and her tried eating somewhere new.  They went to and Indian Restaurant across the road from the cinema.  When they arrived they said that it would be about 20 minutes before they got their meals as they were busy, in fact it was a one hour wait.  The food was nice, but nothing that would make mum return and the restaurant was cold, and in need of heaters.  As it the official start of our winter tomorrow, the weather has chilled down overnight dropping to freezing and feeling frosty.

So mum then got to come home and eat chocolates on the couch with me.  Now we are off to bed with a book and the electric blanket on.  Hope you have all had a great Caturday too!!


  1. Glad Mum had a nice time Poppy!x
    Except for the food then. When ever l go out, and there's summat l'm not happy with, l 'ALWAYS' tell them...
    How else they gonna learn! HeHe! :).

    Still, at least your all cuddled up now! Sweet dreams! Love your paws..!x

  2. Can't believe it's Caturday again already. Where does the time go? Tell your mum thanks for the heads up about the film, that's freed up another 90 minutes of life!!

    I think you have lovely Paws.

    Linda xx

  3. Well, it certainly sounds like that outing could have been more productive! I bet you had more fun at home, Poppy.

  4. I will skip that movie thanks. hasn't the temperature DROPPED. Oh well only 3 month of cold and then it is SPRING yippie

  5. Mum says thanks for the movie review. She will skip that one. We like the idea of snuggling down with electric blankets. Keep warm! Lovely and warm here. Meow, Jessica

  6. We all had a lovely sleep in on Caturday AM and looking for another one on Sunday!