Monday, May 26, 2014

While you are working

While you are working, I am snuggled up on your bed keeping warm.  Mum let me snooze on her fleecy sheets, but when she came home there was a brown smear on them.  Yuck!!  So now there are new sheets on the bed and the covers are pulled up tight.

The southern parts of NZ got a whole lot of snow yesterday and today, and we just have a sudden drop in temperature.  But our heat pump and electric  blanket will keep us toasty warm.

Mum had a busy shift.  No dinner break for her, so it was pumpkin soup and toast at half past eleven tonight.  That way her tummy is full and won't wake her up.

Sweet dreams everybuddy.


  1. Sweet dreams Poppy!x
    Stay dry and keep warm..! Mum's the best person to keep warm with!

  2. Yuck is right, Poppy. A few manners, please. But my cats do the same once in a while, especially Josie who's too round to reach certain parts. And yet I still let her up on the bed, and come up to me when I wake, so she can get some petting. The things we humans do for you cats because we love you...

  3. Oh Poppy! You are supposed to keep the bed warm for your mum, not leave skid marks.

  4. Warm are good, skid marks not so much dude.

  5. That is sad that the cold weather has come. But we look forward to snuggling down in our toast bed with a good book when the winds and cold come. Here it is suddenly very hot! Soon I will need my air conditioner. Meow, Jessica

  6. Oh,oh Poppy what did you do?

    We hopes mum has sweet dreams!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  7. It so cooled of up here too!! Soup time of the year, you two keep warm!