Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Morning Skies

Mum was looking out the window this morning, and admired the autumn skies which were rather pretty, but of course it bought rain to us in the afternoon.  Everyone has been talking about the weather here, how mild it has been, and how we are all bracing for the chills to come.  After the wild weather that the Northern hemisphere had this year, we can't complain at all - although we like too.

So even though the mumster had an early start this morning, she has to stay up a while longer as she is on call tonight.  So she is braced and ready in case she gets called in.  Her clothes are ready to be jumped into, and the coat and scarf are by the door.


  1. Oh! Poppy!x What is it they say..'Red sky in the morning..Shepherd's warning'. HeHe!
    Love the photos though..Lovely!

  2. What a glorious sky! Wonderful photos; we loved seeing them!

  3. "Red sky in the morning, sailor take warning." Beautiful skies, Poppy.
    We hope you get our very mild winter.
    We set records for winter warmth!

  4. It looks like the aftermath of rain, as well as a precursor of it. Autumn rains: a good time to snuggle indoors.

  5. poppy Q...mum got sum awesum pick sures...we reely like number 1...N if ewe get de crazed cold we did thiz past winter...mum iz gonna want three coats, 18 scarfz....44 pairz oh socks and 92 hats...all at once !!

  6. Let's hope mum has a quiet night. What lovely sky photos but too bad mum was up earlier enough to see this sky. Meow, jessica