Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday Sunbeams

After a stormy start to the week yesterday, today we awoke to some warm sunbeams.  Mum opened the doors and windows and let the sun shine and warmth in.  The washing was done, and dried out on the line which was good.  Dishes were done, and mum had a nice minestrone soup with toast, a lovely late autumn lunch.  Then she went off to work for the afternoon leaving me to snooze, and to get my feast when she got home.  She stopped off at the supermarket, as she was short of rubbish bags and stocked up, as the weather is due to get nasty in the next couple of days.

Do you see that I am napping on my favourite bag?  I still love to sleep in it and sleep on top. Either way is a pleasure.

And yes friends I do have a pre sleep snooze.  I often go to bed on a normal night after I have had my feast for dinner.  I pre snooze from 6pm- 11pm.  The mumster joins me for the main snoozefest 11pm- 7am.  I then get up for breakfast and a little shuffle around, and then come backs and sleep most of the day away on my bag.  Life is good for me!!

Hope you all have a lovely day!!


  1. Thought that was your favourite bag Poppy!x
    Great idea...Sleep on top, when it's sunny, and inside when it's not...!
    I've just had my lunch out on the patio, sunny over here. Though a bit windy...Not to worry..It's dry..! :).

  2. I agree...that's a great bag for napping on! And there's nothing better than a pre-sleep snooze. It's sort of like stretching before exercise! *wink*

  3. We're glad you got some sunbeams for your catnap!

    Jenna pre-sleeps most of her day ;)

  4. Sometimes I have a pre-snooze in the evenings... although my human doesn't like it because that's when she does a lot of work and wants me around in case she has any questions!

  5. poppy Q....a pre snooze bee for yur pre snooze mite come in kinda handee sum time and....a pre snax oh feast bee for eatin sum feast wood be grate az well !!! happee twoozday !! ♥

  6. Beautiful sunbeams. WE hope you get more tomorrow

  7. That is some nice sunshine to enjoy Poppy.

  8. Miss Poppy, what a lovely day after stormy ! And what does yr bag smell ?
    Fishy ? Chicken ? Or Beef ?...tee...heh... Heaven baking with yum yum smell :)

    Thanks for yr purrs and I do miss you too

  9. One of my favorite posts for sure. The sunbeams sound lovely. I think you and I would get along well...I sometimes take a pre-sleep snooze late at night too...my boy gets some meds at 2 a.m. so sometimes I take a little pre-sleep snooze around midnight or so. I only count the sleep time that I do in my actual bed...pre-sleep snoozes on the sofa don't count. My kitty likes to lie on top of me and sleep too.