Monday, May 5, 2014

Day Off

The mumster was pleased to have a little sleep in this morning with me.  She dug some things out of storage and found her gloves, which was good as it was a windy wet day.  She visited a new hair salon to make an appointment, and her old hairdresser was working there, so she is due on Friday morning to get her hair all sparkly and new again!!

As the afternoon was nasty, mum headed to the movies to see The Invisible Woman, a movie about Charles Dickens and his secret mistress.  It is possibly mums favourite type of drama, a historical drama with lots of hoop skirts and pretty bonnets.  She likes it when the characters looked lived in, where their hair and makeup seems to fit with the times, rather than been Hollywoodised and they are too picture perfect.  It was a very slow movie, but mum and the other four in the cinema enjoyed it.  She went to the local arthouse cinema that has comfortable couches and cushions, a perfect way to spend a wild wet afternoon off.

Once a couple of chores were done - isn't going to the post office tedious - mum got home to make Nasi Goreng, an Indonesian Fried Rice dish for her dinner, and she has lots of yummy leftovers for the next couple of evenings.  Dishes were done, family phoned up and now she is going to settle down and watch some Greys Anatomy.  Me - I'm snoozing in the bedroom ready for bed.


  1. You look nice and cozy, Poppy Q!
    It sounds like your mumster had a great day, too!
    Take care.
    The kitty brats

  2. How can you 'see' The Invisible Woman, Poppy!x :0).
    I've just popped in for a cuppa, been out the front tackling the Virginia Creeper...The whole house is surrounded by it...Quite a chore, but l do like it...!
    Lovely and sunny over here, so must make the best of it...!
    Have nice snuggles...!x

  3. Having a pre-sleep nap? That movie sounds just like the ones my Mum likes! Lots of beautiful costumes. Glad your Mum had a good day off and I hope the rest of the week goes as well for both of you!

  4. Poppy, it sounds like your mum had a lovely (and probably much-needed) day off.

    I wish I could find a hair stylist I was super-happy with. I don't think I want the caramel high/low lights put in again, they certainly don't conceal the white strands of hair. Though at least with hi/low lights you don't get a skunk line. (That's one of my pet peeves.)

    Anyway, enjoy your pre-bed nap, Poppy!

  5. I like watching the slow, character-driven movies, I like the action films, too, but I've seen many a movie which doubles its audience when someone else walks into the cinema.

  6. Poppy, you certainly do look comfortable. :)

    That movie theatre your Mum went to sounds neat, what with the couches and cushions.

    Thanks for your message about Mercedes. The shelter (PAWS) does have pictures and descriptions about all of the adoptables. We feel bad for cats like Mercedes, because she is sort of shy with new people, so she doesn't always "show" well to potential adopters. Plus she is a black cat, so there is that added and unfair stigma. No matter .... the volunteers will just keep on giving her lots of love and attention, and we believe that there is a loving forever home for her. Hopefully she finds it soon. :)


  7. poppy q...glad yur mum hada grate day off...heerz two a reeely good week a head ....with lotz oh feast ♥