Friday, May 9, 2014

Finally Friday

Boy - are we glad it is finally Friday.  Mum says this feels like it has been a long long fortnight.  She has to work this afternoon and then the weekend will begin at midnight.  She got home real late last night, and thought we had already done a post for Thursday.  So sorry we forgot.

This morning mum was up early to head to her hairdresser.  Her hairdresser has moved salons, and the salon is now only a five minute walk away which is good.  So mum has the greys covered up and the ends chopped off, so she feels fresh.  The colour is a bit darker for the winter which mum likes.

We had the doors and windows open for a while, but is is a bit chilly so the heat pump is on now for a little bit before mum heads off to work.  She doesn't leave any heating on while she is at work,, but I have lots of cosy spots to curl up in to keep warm til mum gets back.

Hope you are all having a fabulous Friday - see you on Caturday!!!


  1. Our mom has a long weekend so we're going to enjoy some time with her.

  2. Glad you and Mum are o.k. Poppy!x
    Work! Work! Work! Never mind, at least you can both relax together!
    And, a little bit of sunshine helps!
    Early morn'in over here, and the suns out, though yesterday it piddled down...HeHe! :>).

  3. It sounds like it has been a tough couple of weeks for your mum. She deserves a relaxing weekend.

  4. We are glad you and Mum finally get to enjoy your weekend, Poppy. TGIF, and have a wonderful and restful weekend, okay?