Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hello May

Hello May.  We can't believe a month ago we were outside every day and the washing was blowing on the line.  Now we are wrapped up inside with the heat pump on!!  Welcome to our winterdome!!

Mum is going grrrrr at the computer as it is going super slow tonight and won't let us upload pictures easily.  She needs to give it an overhaul, but she will be busy all weekend, so it may have to wait.

Hope you are all having a great week and taking it easy.  Mum has to wait for Monday to take it easy.  Me - I am the Queen of Easy Town.  I know how to  relax!!!


  1. Poppy!x You could write a book on 'How To Relax'...It would be a best seller..!
    We've had a bit of sun, though it's raining off and on to~day! Hope we get a nice summer!
    Still! It's another bank holiday weekend over here..And, the forecast is good! :).

  2. We bet your mum wishes she could be a Cat, Poppy. :-)

    Happy May...It doesn't feel like May weather here, though, it's cold and damp and rainy. Bleh!

  3. We've had wonderful weather...until today. It turned cold so Mum had to put our heat on a bit this morning!

  4. We've had a bit of a setback on our temps, too.

    Stay warm and enjoy your easy, sweet girl.


  5. Have a nice weekend, Poppy - stay warm!

  6. poppy q...ewe knead a few bowls oh feast N sum trout soop ta take de chill off...

    N tell yur mum ta bee ware...if her uses internet explorer ...IE heer in de states haza SEER EEE IZ issue...noe joke.... even de feds bee tellin everee one ta switch browsers ta chrome or firefox...

    it may be why yur system iz slowed up....Lord onlee noes how far de virus haz wermed itz way in computerz...


  7. Yes, we cats are good at being easy.

  8. Maybe you should give humans some lessons on Easy World. We could all use it for sure!

    For those reading this, check out my cat blog for archived stories about the abandoned/feral cat colony I manage.