Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Night

Sunday nights usually follow the same plan in our house.  Mum will try her best to avoid going anywhere in the afternoon, and make sure that she is at home with me by 4pm at the latest.  Today she had no trouble sticking to that plan, as she stayed at home.  No makeup, no doing the hair, just casual clothes, a little sleep in, a little book reading, a little house keeping and a little nap.  Dinner was easy, just some pumpkin soup and toast for her and a little fancy feast for me.  Mum then usually rings Gdad for a chat, and I took myself off to bed, and as you can see are all snuggled up.  It is wild and windy outside, so I should stay in all night.  In fact mum is sitting on the bed now, typing right next to me.

Mum was telling Gdad this week about one of her patients.  She held mums hand and said that Mum was going off and travelling soon.  Mum smiled, and the lady told her she was a psychic and that she thought all mums dreams would come true by the end of the year.  That made mum smile.  The next morning she woke up having a dream that her and Gdad were in London.  Mum planned that they would go to the Imperial war museum for the morning and drive by Buckingham Palace in the afternoon.  Imagine that?  Mum might even get to meet Queenie!!!  Anyway it has made mum smile all week.

Hope you all get to have a warm and cosy Sunday evening.


  1. You look all nice and cosy Poppy. Sleep tight.

  2. oooO! oooO! Poppy!x
    If you come over to London...You must tell US ALL!
    We can all meet up and have a lovely feast together...! HeHe! :).
    Then! Then! I'll take you to meet the Queen..And! And! You can frighten a little mouse under her chair!!! She'd love that!
    Enjoy yer zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!x

  3. Tell your Mum to dream great dreams ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure, JJ
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  4. Monochrome kitty! We think your Mum will have a lovely trip. ;-)

  5. oooh I had a very talented friend stay in hospital this week I wonder if it was her? Not that she normally shares like that ie un asked.

    Tell Poppy Q she can have her fancy feast here when you and grandad go a travelling.

  6. If I were your mom, I will start to make a long ..long list of my dream before the end of this year...tee..heh..heh


  7. You never know, your mum may be meeting queenie soon. The grandkids were nearby, maybe they found out about you.

  8. That sounds like a furry nice dream to our mom bean.

    We'd rather curl up on the bed and have a good snooze! Have a great week

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  9. Our. I'm usually settles in for a long afternoon nap with us on Sundays.

  10. Sounds like a nice dream. I prefer dreams about bacon myself, MOL!