Thursday, May 22, 2014

Middle Aged Mumster Moment

So mum has to admit to a middle aged mumster moment.  Monday she went to the supermarket and remembered to buy some washing powder.  She did not remember that she doesn't have a front loader though, hers is a top loader washing machine.  Tuesday she had to get a couple more things at the supermarket, so she picked up some more washing powder.  Do you think she got the right one?   Of course not!!!  She got front loader again!!

We realize that this is a first world problem.  Of course mum will use the powder, as I am sure there is minimal difference, probably just less sudsy stuff.  If any washing machine powder companies are interested in sponsoring a  middle aged mumster - we are open to offers.


  1. MOL! Your Mumster sounds like us, Poppy! We hope that front loader powder works out okay. :)

  2. Tell Mum to lay the washing machine on it's side Poppy!x
    Then she'd have a front loader..!!!
    HeHe! :).
    It's very early over here Poppy!x
    Not quite with it...Cup of lemon tea is called for! :>).

  3. Hahahaha! We have a top loader too. Your probably right, very little difference (if any, truly) in them, though. :-)

  4. You can use the front loader powder in top loaders but not the top loader powder in front loaders (HE's) It's a pump and suds issue. Out poor bean headed mum was buying HE detergent for her top loader 'cause she though the HE meant the detergent was stronger. Sheesh!

  5. poppy food serviss gurl heer in TT haz been... IN... de stor & doez not even rememburr ...WHAT.... her went in ta buy....

  6. Mum has many of those moments too. Just as long as your mum gets your food choices right is all that counts. Meow, Jessica