Sunday, June 22, 2014


Mum had been reading consumer magazine this week, and this the Goldair Ceramic Tower heater was voted the best out of all the heaters for safety and price.  Best of all mum spied it in a local shop for 40% off.  Where we are has a heat pump heater, but when the temperature drops right down, it struggles to warm up the living area quickly.  Mum read the manual, and they recommend that you use a heater to heat the room up and then the heat pump to maintain the heat.  Mum liked this heater, as with the sale on it made it a reasonable price, and it is small and compact and takes up little space.

When she entered the shop she noticed that there were three left, so she had a little look around as her hairdryer of ten years is falling apart.  Hairdryer picked (they were 50% off), she went back to get her heater.  Only one left, and she could see a man trying to choose between this one and another one.  It looked like he was off to either wander around himself or ask his missus what she thought.  So mum swooped in, and took her bounty to the counter very quickly.   She did feel bad, but glad that she got what she came for.

She tried it out this afternoon and it worked well in our little living area and so we are ready now winter.  Bring it on!!!


  1. HeHe! Good for Mum Poppy!
    That's the way to shop...While people are faffing about, making their minds up..Get in there and grab..I love shopping, l always make it fun...! :).

    Oh! And...I have a Ronson hair dryer that's 46yrs old..Yep! 46.
    Except for the odd Sunday, it's used every single day, been half way round the world with me, l tread it a a special friend...Would'nt be with out it...HeHe! Hair to~day gone tomorrow! :>).
    Have fun...Keep warm!x

  2. Good for your mum, Poppy.

    Of course, our imaginations can't stretch far enough to fathom living in a climate that doesn't require central heating. LOL.

    Well, you'll both be nice and cosy all winter!

  3. LOL good swoop Hope you girls will be nice n toasty. Bit of a nip in the air this morning.

  4. Never ever wander when few of the bargain you came for are left! Your mum is very lucky she got her heater.

  5. Good for mum! Appawently there were lots of beans reading the same article.

    Stay warm and cozy Poppy!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  6. My human says all's fair in love and shopping!

  7. Glad she got the heater she wanted. Important to be warm and snuggly.

  8. Good thinking on your mum's part Poppy. It pays not to dither when you see what you need on sale. I hope you both have a warm and cozy winter. Sun and warmth today. Mum even went to the beach today. But just to walk. Meow, Jessica

  9. Hurrah for your mum! She came for the heater and looked at it first so she shouldn't feel bad. Do you share any type heating with the gent above? He might be siphoning off all the warmth.

  10. Hooray for your mum! Glad it's working well for both of you.