Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Snoozer

Today has been a great day for snoozing.  Mum got called into work and had a busy time, so she got home about 9am this morning.  A late breakfast for her and then she climbed into her bed for a nap for a couple of hours, before getting up and staying on the couch and watching a couple of shows.  She has done something she normally never does and stayed in her dressing gown all day!!!  Luckily she can have a sleep in tomorrow morning as well.

Me - well I am comfy cosy on the couch.  Mum gave me the cover her new pillow came in, and I have been sleeping on it non stop.  It is truly covered in my furs now, and my go to spot.  Perfect for a bit of Sunday Snoozing.


  1. You've reminded me of a very old film Poppy!
    'Woman in a Dressing gown'.... Goodness! Made in 1957..Black/White.
    Very good film to!

    Glad your snoooozing nicely Poppy!x.
    Well..It is Sunday after all...Sweet dreams...!x

  2. Snoozing on a Sunday sounds perfect to us. Good for your mum for not even getting dressed -- everyone needs a pyjama day once in a while.

  3. Lazy days are good for the soul ;)
    We can see how you love that pillow cover ;)
    Sweet dreams.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. Poppy, dear, what a very nice pillow cover you've got! It's good to hear your hard-working mum was able to enjoy a sofa Sunday with you.

  5. We've been doing a lot of napping this weekend - since my human has spent so much time at the writers conference, I have not had to do as much supervising!

  6. We're all doing a lot of napping too!
    Hot- 98F/36.6C at 9AM! Haven't looked since, too horrible to know.
    Glad your mum took time to really relax and rest.

  7. Glad you and Mum had a well-deserved stay on the couch day, sweet Poppy!

  8. Glad you and Mum had a well-deserved stay on the couch day, sweet Poppy!

  9. Sounds like ya got some good snoozin in!