Monday, June 2, 2014

Dear Queenie

Dear Queenie,

thank you for letting us have a day off work on your birthday (even though your birthday is really on another day).  This mean the mumster was able to get an 8 hour sleep, something she rarely gets on an average night, as she usually has to be up early for work.  She was glad that nobody came visiting today as she wore the day off outfit of comfy but ugly pants, a woolly jumper and slippers.  Hair was dried and just scraped back and the moisturiser was layered on, with not a touch of lipstick.  Do you ever do that Queenie?  Go casual on your day off?

The mums two main missions were to get her book read - tick, and mashed potatoes done for dinner to eat with last nights leftovers - tick!!  Such big ambitions!!

So I have had my fancy feast and am curled up on the bed to get my 12 hour evening snooze in.  We hope you got to have cake with corgis, cos  if you are going to have two birthdays you should get two cakes.



  1. You know, if the Queen does not have a day where she can wear a wooly jumper and slippers, then she is missing out!

  2. The Queen wears glad rags Poppy!x
    She runs round the palace in sweater and jeans and slippers...Just as long as she wears her crown, so everyone knows who she is...! HeHe!

    Corgi's Corgi's I hate corgi's....
    My old Auntie use to have one, when l was a boy, it bit everyone, l used to take it walks, even bit me!
    Horrid little things...! :>).

  3. That's cute Miss Poppy! We're glad that your Mum got to have a bonus day off and got some rest. Have a great snooze!

  4. If the Queen has a birthday in April and one in June does that mean she is twice as old?

  5. My purr gang shares a can of fancy feast flaked tuna each morning. They love it !!!

  6. Sounds like a lovely day to my Mom!
    She loves those days of comfort.

    Have a great week, Poppy and Mom!

  7. We think you two should have had a little cake for the Queen's birthday. A day off is really nice, though!

  8. poppy q...glad yur mom getted in sum extree sleep N de stuff done on her chex list..... N nothin wrong with chillaxin comfy..... & it doez make ya wunder if de Queen chillax's comfy !! ☺ haza nother can oh feast just coz ya can !!

  9. Glad your mum was able to get a nice long sleep Poppy.

  10. God bless Her Majesty! She's 88 and still attends an average of two public functions a day. I wish I had such energy at my age. And no, it's not 88.

  11. 2 cakes sounds like a good deal to me.

  12. Nice you got a day off becuz of the Queen. I am sure she has her "off" time, no dressing up, tiara's and all.

  13. We hopes the Queen wears what she wants in her own house, even comfy pants and slippers!

    We had our Queen's birthday a couple of weeks you suppose she has three birthdays Poppy?

    Too bad the beans can't have all three of her birthdays off! Have a great rest of the week.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku