Saturday, February 13, 2016


It is Caturday again, but not too much fun going on here.  Mum got home at midnight on Friday, and did not get to bed til 2am, and was up early at 8am.  She did a few chores and made a few phone calls.  Eggs and tomatoes on toast for her lunch, and then before you know it she had to put her uniform on and head off to work.

I helped her with making the bed.  She smoothed out her new quilt - can you see me helping?  I am cleverly hidden.  She is not sure about the quilt - all a bit modern geometric 20 year old uni student, but mum likes the pink and yellow highlights and enjoys a bit of colour in the heat of the summer.

Hope you all managed to do some fun things today.

Oh and mum found this cloud nine cat tree on ETSY tonight.  Very fancy looking.  At only $1045 NZ, she says if we win lotto I can have it!!  Postage from Canada is quite pricey we hear.


  1. Oh! Poppy!x Tell Mum...I love the quilt cover!
    Especially with a little lump in the middle of
    it..HeHe! Wonder who that could be..! :).

    And, if l win the lottery..I'll buy it for you
    to...In fact l'll bring it over myself! Then l
    can pop over and see Pippi and Blackie at Threadbare
    Cottage...And, take them a little prezzie to!x

  2. the quilt looks lovely. and so does the cat tree. It might not be very durable though and who would want to spend that money and see it scratched?

  3. Poppy, dear, I think I've spotted you in the middle. ? Your mum is right about changing covers and accessories to suit the season. A bit of color lifts the spirit!

  4. I think the quilt is pretty - and you sure are making good use of it, Poppy!

  5. Very good helping, Poppy! Mum is so lucky to have your assistance. :)

  6. We like mom's new quilt & think it's perfect for the warm months of summer. That cat tree is impressive looking. Room for you & 6 of your closest cat friends. Hope you win the lottery so you can get one. We are bigger cats & mom seldom sees cat trees where the beds & platforms are large enough for us to be comfy. Many of the trees we see online seem to photograph them to give the optical illusion that the beds are a good size, but when mom looks at the actual dimensions, they would only fit a kitten (which we are not). Mom said she would probably have to order a custom cat condo made specially for us plus-sized kit-tehs. We will also be waiting for the lottery to be won for that to happen. For now we'll just squeeze ourselves into our old tree & dream about having a luxury tree like your Cloud 9. Have a great Caturday Poppy.

  7. So good of you to help Poppy ;) MOL !
    That tree is pawsome. We live in Canada and agree that posting parcels IS expensive :/
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  8. That is a lovely tree Poppy, and so it should be at that price!

  9. How nice of you to help your Mum with the new quilt. I thought you had gotten a new cat tree- sorry.

  10. Dat tree does look pawsome - we would need to win da lottery too.