Friday, February 8, 2008

Hello handsome Friday Friend

Well hello Friday. Since it is valentines day coming up next week, I thought I would offer the ladies a special My Friday Friend Treat.

  • He's a very handsome manly cat
  • He loves a cuddle with his T bear
  • He likes his paws on the floor (like me)

This week I would like to tell you about Derby . He lives with his mom in Waukesha County in Wisconsin in the US. He has a birthday on the 20th of October is 4 years old. He adopted his mom on the day the Kentucky Derby was won May 7th 2005, so that is how he gotted his name.

This is Derby and his Mr T Bear, that looks like a great softie to snuggle up with, he will make sure no draughts ruin your sleep. It looks pretty cold where you live at the moment Derby, so you keep nice and warm and snuggle up. Spring will be on its way soon.

He likes to climb on tables and benches, explore in cupboards, eat flowers, eat treats and best of all Derby loves his mom and Grampie.

I see lots of pictures of Derby napping, but look at how cute (handsome) he is.
Thank you for being my friend Derby, I loves to visit your blog. Happy Valentines Day to you!!
Poppy Q


  1. Hello there Poppy Q. We saw you over at Derby's and decided to pop on by for a visit. What a wonderful place where you live. The PM over here loves that New Zealand and wants to visit there some day. Her beans-in-law visited there a few years ago and bought her a Maori necklace and she never takes it off.

    Well be stopping by lots!

    Very sweet shots of Derby. You picked a great kitty.

    ~Goldie and Shade

  2. Derby is a very nice kitty.
    I like him a lot!

  3. Yes, Derby is right handsome! And looks comfy no matter where he lands.

    jans funny farm

  4. I think Derby is very nice, too!

  5. I love Derby too, he is a very kind and caring Mancat.

  6. Poppy what a pleasant surprise to be picked at your Friday Friend. I am very honored.

  7. That is a lovely post about Derby, Poppy Q! Have a great weekend. :)