Thursday, February 7, 2008

Zoom Groom

The blue thing in yesterdays post is a ZOOM GROOM. It is a great kittycat brush as it is rubber and gives you a big massage as it is pulling out your stray hairs. However if you is Dragonheart, Merlin or Daisy type cats, it might not be right for you. I has a love/hate relationship with mine, it is the only time I has tried to give my mum the bitey, is when I is being brushed.
You should be able to get them from your vet or from Amazon. They is pretty cheap - if you can't find one and want me to help your beans get one, let me know.
Tripper - if you need the fur let me know.
Happy brushing.
Poppy Q (1/2 a kilo lighter now all that floofy hair has gone)


  1. Hey Poppy Q,
    Thaks for showing the other side of the zoom groom. My mom has never seen one of these. I hope we can get one for my sister PooPoo....of course i don't need it because I clean myself really well many times a day.

  2. MomBean has seen a similar comb at the stores here and keeps debating on getting one. She's a bit worried on how much fur would get combed out 'cause I usually don't shed so much.

    It's winter. I need the fur. I'll let it go come June...

  3. I lurves mai zoom groom (okay well itz shadows but he donna lyke it). I donna evan care dat itz a woofie wun. It styll feels reel nyce on mai furs. Pwus Mommie sez I a attenshun hose (or sumting lyke dat) wich meens I jus lurve to be lurved.

  4. That brush looks very friendly with the smiling kitty on it. When I get brushed, it's more like for pretend. But I still like the feeling of it.

  5. 1/2 kilo lighter? That's a lot of fur!

  6. If my mom used one of those on me, I doubt I'd have any furs left! :)

    At least in the summertime, you'll feel cooler!

  7. Mum says she has seen those Zoom Groom, but has never bought me one - I am going to insist that she purchase one at once - I LOVE being brushed!

    Thank you for the info. Poppy Q.

  8. Me has one a dos! Mommy did not tink me had much furz to shed till she used dat! hehe It got off gobs of itchy stuff. A purrrs and purrrs for it! Now my coat feel like silks. ~Empress

  9. Jan uses a fork brush. That's not what it's called but it has teeth.

    That looks kind of fun.

    jans funny farm

  10. Poppy Q,

    I mights get da momee here to gets one of deze. Tanks fur da tip.

  11. Most of us lufs our Zoom Groom. Ours is purple though. Do you think that matters?

    Luf, Us

  12. We don't understand how this thing ca work since it doesn't really look like it has some bristles on it. We have a brush called a Furminator and it gets lots of our furrs off.