Saturday, March 1, 2008

I'm keeping my eyes on her

I'm keeping an eye on mum making sure she feels better soon. Can a cold be caught over the intenet, so many catblog mums are sick at the moment, maybe you ladies are spreading it around (the cold that is).

Mum and her dad were at their superduper friends palace last night. This is the view outside the front of their house - beautiful early evening. See all the little clouds? The drought has broken here, which is good as the farmers need the water.

Poppy Q

ps - cicada update: 01:53 one deposited on mums bed
04:12 number two dropped onto mums bed.


  1. Hey Poppy, good work on looking after your Mum. Stick close to her as much as you can 'cos these colds are sneaky. We're working on scaring one away from our Mum now, for the second time in three weeks. Nice shot of all the clouds at sunset - the best part is that the drought has broken though. Hope you don't get floods now, just enough rain for everyone.


    Gypsy & Tasha

  2. I find sitting on bean's feet helps a lot to keep them still so they heal up quicker. Otherwise just crank out lots of heat so they fall asleep.

    I want a cicada!

  3. Dearest Poppy Q,
    That sure is nice of you to keep an eye on your mommy like that! She's lucky to have you in the house!

    We is glad your drought is over...we had one of them back in the summer here. It was not fun.

    We would love to taste a ciccada! Would you send us one?

    Take care and give your mommy lotsa headbutts and kisses...that will surely help her feel better fast!

    Very truly yours,
    The Whiskers & Purrs Gang

  4. Here's hoping your Mommy feels a lot better today!
    I'd really rather see rain than snow now!

  5. I'm sending purrs for your Mum to feel better soon too. You're so nice to your Mum to give her pwesents. And deposited all the way to her bed.

  6. we is glads that your drought has broken...we it good for somefing to break? We tried to explain to our mum that it was great to have things break...but she didn't buy it.

    Also, I, Napoleon is in the cat idol contest and would loves it if you would go to this site and vote for me....

  7. This sickness surely does seem to be making the rounds of the blogosphere!

  8. Feel better, Mum. Poppy is doing a good job of taking care of you.

  9. Hi Poppy Q! Thanks so much for welcoming me to the cat blogosphere! That view from the palace is amazing! I wish I could go to a palace! Maybe I can interview a Prince William at Buckingham Palace! That would be very newsworthy!

  10. What a great view from the palace! I rather be there now instead of eye ball deep in snow! Blah!!

    Those cicada sound like sooooo much fun!