Friday, March 28, 2008

My Friday Friend

Hello my little lovely Friday Friends. This week we get to meet:
  • A very smoothly dressed fellow

  • He has more toes than average

  • He is in love with Delailah, but he ain't no long haired Samson.

Why yes folks, it is the fabulous and handsome Angus who is this weeks My Friday Friend.

See count dem, he has seven toes on his front paws. I fink that is why he is called Angus Mhor - as he has more toes then me hahahahaha!!

He lives in Texas, US with his mom,dad and several sticky beans. I would hide too if I was you Angus. His mom found his picture on the net, and fell in love with the little fella. She named him Angus - cause it means big!!

Grrr you look like a scary lion Angus!!

That is better dude, a much smarter look on you.

So ladies, I hope you enjoyed meeting this mancat.

Have a good weekend everycat and bean.

Poppy Q


  1. Angus is a great and funny guy. We love him too! Happy Friday my wonderful Poppy!

  2. Poppy Q!!!!!!!Wow! Oh, Man! Thanks! I mean, really, woooooowwww, THank you ever so much, Miss Poppy Q!

    Thanks especially for not showin' any of my more embarassin' moments!

    Miss PQ, I've fixed the video on my blog..would you pop on over to take a look? Thank you!


  3. Angus looks very distinguished in his necktie.

    Happy Friday, Poppy Q!

  4. You won a kitten squillion!! Please donate your $30 to Moki (Donate button top of sidebar.) Please let me know when done, along with your snail mail addrs, so I can get your squillion ready for travel, and they will go out sometime next week. Concatulations!!
    I've got to find out where he got his necktie!!

  5. I know Angus! He is a great cat! I am glad he's my friend.

  6. Angus is one awesome dude.

    ...not that he's allowed within 6 feet of you. :I

    MONTY Enough!

  7. hi poppy q- you are very pretty. what kind of kitty are you?

  8. What a great looking cat! He lives not to terrible far from me too! I fill have to visit!

  9. What mighty paws he has, and what a cutie:)

    Hope you'll have a great weekend too!

  10. He looks like a pretty cool cat. Sticky beans? Yeah, I know that trauma!

  11. Angus is a pretty cool cat. We're glad you featured him as your Friday Friend today.