Friday, March 7, 2008

hello Friday Friend - I missed you!!

Hello Friday, sorry we didn't introduce you to a Friday Friend last Friday. Mum was getting a cold and was all stuffed up. She wanted you to meets our very special friends, and wanted to spend some time introducing them to yoos.

  • They are three very special dudes
  • They have their own woofie
  • They loves their mommy very much (and she loves them too)

Please come and say hello to my lovely friends, Kodak Winston and 3-Perf. They have a super dooper blog at

This is them all lined up munching on their special diets.

Here they all are again, gathering on the balcony for a meeting with their Woofie, Velcro.

This is Kodak. He is looking all manly on his pink blanky. He is 12 years young, and is diabetic.
This is the very handsome Winton. Winton is 11.5 years old and has CRF (chronic renal failure). His mom does some great posts, in her archives about CRF. My mum wishes she was blogging when Puss Angel (her cat b4 me) had CRF. She felt very alone dealing with it. It is tough, but cats are tough too and even with lots of vet visits and tears , Puss struggled for a long time.

This is 3-perf - isn't he a handsome dude? 3-Perf or Perfy is 9.5 years young (and not a grey bit of fur anywhere).
Please go and say hello to my sooper Friday Friends.
Poppy Q


  1. We really like those kitties! Have a wonderful weekend Poppy!

  2. We like Kodak, Winston & 3-Perf lots and lots! Mom has a special place for aging kitties & woofies.

  3. hello beautiful Poppy! so sorry we haven't been around - our Bean has been so busy and just not had the time to blog of late. how are you my dear? all OK I hope! how is your Mum, is she all recovered now? i do hope so!
    love Stormie x

  4. WOW those are some very beautiful kittys! I am sorry to hear that Winston has CRF. The Great Kitty That Came Before Me had CRF and went to the bridge right between my Mommy and my birthday last year. It was the most sad time for my Mommy and I am sorry to hear that you had to go through it too. She also felt very alone and wishes she had the bloggie back then too.

  5. Those are some very wonderful Friday Friends!

  6. Poppy Q,

    We feel very honored that we are your friday friends!!!! Thanks so much!! Meow!!! It put a smile on moms face..and we got yummy food because of it!!!


    Kodak, Winton and 3 Perf

  7. What a nice family they are!

  8. That's a bunch of handsome cats, and woofie, too :-D

  9. Hi Poppy Q! We will go and visit your friends.

    Mindy & Moe

  10. I have met these kitties once before and will have to go visit them again. Thanks Poppy Q, have a great weekend!

  11. We stopped by to meet them and found they'd just lost one of their cousins. A sad time.

    Thanks for introducing us.